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Guilt or No Guilt

I’m a dad with two boys well into their teens. When they were younger, I could make it to an occasional event during school but I missed a number of them due to meetings, schedules beyond my control and travel. After school was the same. Some evening events worked out but I wasn’t there between 3 and 5. Frankly you could say I wasn’t available between 7 AM and 6 PM most of the time. While I regretted not being able to attend events, I would not say the feeling ever made it to the point of guilt.

Supermom's Kryptonite

As a mother I feel responsible for making sure that everything goes well for my children and that they have everything they need, which is mainly my availability. This is my super power, being there to always save the day, it can be something as small as finding a favorite doll or as serious as having to bandage a boo-boo. Whatever the problem may be, it’s Supermom to the rescue! I thought I had this “Supermom” gig under control until I figured out what my kryptonite was…the first day of school.

The Awesomeness of STEAM Afterschool

Over the course of my professional career, including college, I’ve learned a lot about how students are affected by out – of - school experiences. Some experiences positively impact our children’s well – being, while other experiences can have detrimental consequences.students’ parents worked hard to provide the necessities for their children: shelter, food, and clothing.

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