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From humble beginnings providing tutors and part-time teachers, Afterschool Labs has emerged as a leader in the field of extended learning and managing before- and after school workforces.

In the spring of 2014, Appleton launched its world-class afterschool program, Afterschool Labs, as well as a corresponding summer program, Summer Labs, in Huntsville, Alabama. Within its first year of operation, Afterschool Labs increased student enrollment in the program and improved parent satisfaction with extended learning services.

Due to the success of these programs in Huntsville City Schools, Afterschool Labs has been able to offer extended learning services at two additional school sites where Title I students are able to attend at a free or reduced rate.

Afterschool Labs' extended learning programs are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • 1. Improve academic performance of students, as measured by both grades and standardized test scores

  • 2. Foster the development of student leadership and teamwork
  • 3. Increase parent involvement and satisfaction in extended learning programs
  • 4. Develop talent of before- and afterschool workforces through extensive evaluation, coaching, and professional development opportunities
  • 5. Strengthen school communities by connecting students’ extended learning experiences to the school year curriculum and culture

By providing highly trained staff, inquiry-based curriculum, and well-defined operational procedures, Afterschool Labs ensures an exceptional extended learning program for students, parents, and school communities.

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