Curriculum Components

Arts Stations

Each afternoon, students are provided with the opportunity to express their artistic talents – whether they are interested in painting an artistic masterpiece, directing a short play, or sculpting the first idea that comes to mine – using a variety of arts, crafts, and performance arts supplies.

Daily Team Challenges

Each day, students participate in structured team-building challenges that emphasize teamwork, cooperation, and collaborative thinking. Examples of Daily Team Challenges include obstacle courses, logic puzzles, and minute-to-win-it challenges. Students remain in the same teams throughout the week and earn points for every challenge that their team wins. The team with the most points receives a prize at the end of week during the STEAM Celebration.

Free + Guided Play

Play, which is crucial for students’ social and intellectual development, is a central component of the Summer Labs experience. Each day, Summer Labs provides students with opportunities for both free and guided play.

Free play is time for students to participate in self-directed activities, which include playing on the playground, reading a book, or drawing a picture.

Guided play is time used to participate in structured activities. Examples include participating in a team building challenge, competing in a sporting event, and playing a board game.

Depending on the weather, students will be outside for free and guided play as much as possible.

Learning Centers

Every morning and afternoon, students have the opportunity to participate in learning centers. Learning centers allow students to freely explore the possibilities of play with building blocks, logic puzzles, science/engineering kits, and other educational toys and games.

During this time, students may elect to participate in other self-directed activities, such as reading, completing arts projects, using computers, and playing recreational games.

STEAM Lessons

For one hour every morning and afternoon (except for Fridays), students will explore topics related to the science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics inherent in each curriculum theme listed below..

Super Summer Heroes, June 4 – 8

Prepare for a week - long camp that focuses on super heroes and evil villains. Join us as we discover our own super powers, develop a new super hero, and take down evil plots to take over the world! Who knew that super heroes needed to know science, math, and engineering to save mankind?

Rainforest Adventure Time, June 11 - 15

We’ve all heard of the rainforest, but what types of things actually live there? Come discover more about biological findings as Summer Labs takes an imaginative trip to the rainforest. Students will discover more about animals, insects, plants, and other really strange things that call the rainforest their home.

Myths + Legends, June 18 - 22

Have you ever wondered about where a yeti lives? Or how to find Bigfoot? We can inspire your interest in the unknown and weird in this week – long unit all about myths and legends across the world. Come use the scientific method, design process, and your creativity to learn and investigate myths and legends.

Operation Fit Kids, June 25 - 29

Operation Fit Kids focuses on good eats and fitness that is necessary for proper growth and development. Students will discover what happens to their bodies when they eat junk food too often, participate in group fitness activities, and make their own healthy treats. Come discover just how fun health and fitness can be with the Summer Labs team!

Inventor's Workshop, July 2 - 6

Summer Labs wouldn’t be complete without a week – long unit that allows students to invent, create, and think outside the box. Engineering, science, and art are the three main themes during this unit as students design and build solutions to problems around the world.

Hawaiian Holiday, July 9 - 13

Water, sand, and sun – this week is sure to please! Students learn about the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian traditions, animals and plants, and water properties during Summer Labs’ destination of imagination to Hawaii! All of the Hawaiian fun without the really long plane ride. Sign us up!.

Lab Rats, July 16 - 20

If science is your favorite subject, then this week is just for you! Summer Labs will focus on science this week as we perform experiments and investigations that will keep students entertained and excited about chemicals and reactions. Warning: this week may turn your child into a mad scientist!

Game Show Survival, July 23 – 27

Come on down to Summer Labs’ Game Show Survival week! Get ready to participate in contests and competitions of the mind and body. Several parodies of poplar game shows will be played as we focus on science, math, and engineering. This refresher course is sure to get those brains back in shape for the upcoming school year, if students survive!

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