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Curriculum Components

Arts Stations

Each afternoon, students are provided with the opportunity to express their artistic talents – whether they are interested in painting an artistic masterpiece, directing a short play, or sculpting the first idea that comes to mine – using a variety of arts, crafts, and performance arts supplies.

Daily Team Challenges

Each day, students participate in structured team-building challenges that emphasize teamwork, cooperation, and collaborative thinking. Examples of Daily Team Challenges include obstacle courses, logic puzzles, and minute-to-win-it challenges. Students remain in the same teams throughout the week and earn points for every challenge that their team wins. The team with the most points receives a prize at the end of week during the STEAM Celebration.

Free + Guided Play

Play, which is crucial for students’ social and intellectual development, is a central component of the Summer Labs experience. Each day, Summer Labs provides students with opportunities for both free and guided play.

Free play is time for students to participate in self-directed activities, which include playing on the playground, reading a book, or drawing a picture.

Guided play is time used to participate in structured activities. Examples include participating in a team building challenge, competing in a sporting event, and playing a board game.

Depending on the weather, students will be outside for free and guided play as much as possible.

Learning Centers

Every morning and afternoon, students have the opportunity to participate in learning centers. Learning centers allow students to freely explore the possibilities of play with building blocks, logic puzzles, science/engineering kits, and other educational toys and games.

During this time, students may elect to participate in other self-directed activities, such as reading, completing arts projects, using computers, and playing recreational games.

Steam Lessons

Take a Walk on the Wild Side,
June 3 – 7

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Summer Labs! Our world is full of wild and weird stuff. Students and teachers will discover wild animals and plants that are all around us through interactive lessons and games. Get ready to get wild! The field trip this week is to the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge.

The Great Space Race,
June 10 - 14

Can’t make it to Space Camp this year? Then join us for a NASA – inspired week of astronomy, engineering, and all things space. Astronauts have to be trained before they launch into space, and we’ll make sure your future astronaut has all the necessary knowledge to launch their future astro – dreams. The field trip this week is to the Space and Rocket Center.

Lights, Camera, Action!
June 17 - 21

Has your student dreamt of starring in a movie, or even directing one? Let us feed your student’s star power during a week – long camp that’s all about creativity behind, and in front of, the camera. The field trip this week is to see Toy Story 4 at the theater. .

Artistically Engineered,
June 24 - 28

Art and engineering have similar concepts. As students discover their artistic abilities they will also develop engineering skills in Artistically Engineered. This week – long unit is full of design principles, problem solving, and creative projects. The field trip this week is to the Huntsville Art Museum.

Reactionary Risky Business,
July 1 - 3

Everyone loves fireworks! How do fireworks create light and sound, though? These are just a couple of questions we will try to answer during this three – day unit surrounding reactions big and small. There will be a 4th of July Bash this week.

Ninjas vs. Pirates,
July 8 - 12

The age – old question: Would you rather be a ninja or a pirate? During this week – long unit, students will decide for themselves if they’re more cut – out for ninja training or for boarding a pirate ship. Science, engineering, math, and art are essential for learning the in’s and out’s of ninja and pirate life. The field trip this week will be bowling.

Competition of the Campers,
July 15 - 19

It’s a week – long challenge for Summer Labs’ students during this competition of the body, mind, and creativity. Students will participate in sportsmanship seminars and activities that will encourage STEAM principles. The field trip this week will be to the Rocket City Arcade.

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